Gauze Blanket


Our luxurious four-layered gauze blanket offers the perfect balance of lightweight coziness and incredible softness that seems akin to the clouds. It is meticulously woven from premium-grade ultra-fine 100% cotton gauze that is pre-shrunk to introduce its natural folds, distinctive texture, and lasting comfort. The unique construction is breathable and elastic and keeps you snug throughout the night.

100% Cotton: The finest quality of cotton promises unparalleled softness and breathability, ensuring a comfortable experience every season.

Four-Layer Construction: Each blanket is crafted with four layers of ultra-soft, lightweight cotton gauze, offering a distinctive texture and gentle elasticity that gets softer with each wash.

Firmly Sewn Fabric Binding: Mitted corners provide a refined look and enhanced durability, ensuring it holds up beautifully after every wash.

Pre-shrunk Fabric: The fabric is pre-shrunk, ensuring that the blanket retains its shape and softness, providing consistent comfort.

1 Four-Layered Gauze Blanket

Our Salt Earth, it's been our conscious endeavor to prioritize sustainability and abide by our code of ethics. Our factories hold ISO, Sedex, and SA8000 certifications, while our materials are OEKO-TEX, GOTS, BCI, and GRS certified. We partner with family-owned farms, factories, and organizations that resonate with our ethos.We are shaping a sustainable and responsible future, offering exceptional products.

Washing: Wash your cotton gauze blanket in cold water using a gentle cycle and mild detergent. Avoid using bleach and fabric softener. Wash the blanket separately from clothes to prevent sagging and with like colors. Keep away from items with buttons or zippers.

Drying: After washing, give the blanket a good shake to help soften and eliminate the wrinkles. To prevent color fading, it's best to hang the blanket in the shade. You can also opt for tumble-drying.

Ironing: We do not recommend ironing the cotton gauze blanket, as it may lose its distinctive pattern and damage the fibers. Instead, you may try steaming if necessary.

Storage: Thoroughly dry the blankets before storing them in a clean and dry place.

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Experience luxurious comfort and snuggly sleep

100% Cotton

Embrace the snug comfort that feels like a fluffy cotton candy cloud! This gauze blanket is constructed using only premium-grade cotton to ensure exceptional solace.


4 layered Fabric

We just multiplied the softness and comfort of cotton! With four layers of pure pre-shrunk cotton, it's time to sleep tight and sleep right.


Neat Finishing

Neat binding and mitted edges provide a polished look and ensure the blanket retains shape, even after multiple washes.


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