Organic Kids Sheet Set


Indulge your little ones with our Kids Bedsheet Set, carefully crafted from 100% cotton with a durable twill weave for lasting softness and resilience. Featuring vibrant prints to ignite imagination, these sheets promise comfort and style for endless adventures. With each wash, they only get softer, ensuring your child's ultimate comfort year-round. Whether it's a cozy winter night or a breezy summer evening, our all-season sheets guarantee uninterrupted sleep and delightful dreams for your little dreamers.

100% Cotton: Crafted from the finest cotton, our bedsheets are exceptionally soft, providing a gentle touch on your child's delicate skin.

Versatile, Unisex, and Fun Prints: Our bedsheets offer a range of playful and vibrant designs that appeal to all. The charming prints add a splash of joy and color to any bedroom decor.

Classic Twill Weave: The classic twill weave enhances the fabric's strength and longevity, making these sheets a reliable choice for daily use.

Breathable All-Season Comfort: Cotton makes these bedsheets breathable, keeping your child cool in the summer and cozy in the winter, ensuring year-round comfort.

1 Flat Sheet
1 Fitted Sheet
1 Pillowcase

Our Salt Earth, it's been our conscious endeavor to prioritize sustainability and abide by our code of ethics. Our factories hold ISO, Sedex, and SA8000 certifications, while our materials are OEKO-TEX, GOTS, BCI, and GRS certified. We partner with family-owned farms, factories, and organizations that resonate with our ethos.We are shaping a sustainable and responsible future, offering exceptional products.

Washing: Wash these cotton bedsheets with like colors on a cool and gentle cycle. Cotton bedsheets will get softer with every wash. For whites, you may use non-chlorine brighteners. For colors, we recommend using liquid detergents without bleach or brighteners.

Drying: Give them a good shake and hang them on a line in the shade. For best results, dry them on a breezy day. You may also opt for tumble drying in a cool setting.

Ironing: While ironing your bedsheets may not be necessary, we recommend ironing them inside out to prevent color fading. Use a cotton or warm setting.

Storage: Thoroughly dry the bedsheets and pillow covers before storing them in a clean and dry place.

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