Organic Waffle Blanket


Snuggle into the unparalleled softness of our organic cotton waffle blanket. Made from 100% organic cotton threads, this lightweight, breathable fabric offers luxurious plushness that is both comforting and eco-conscious. Perfect as a throw or for everyday use, it is your cozy companion for a good night's sleep or a relaxed day at home.

100% Organic Cotton: Made from pure, organic cotton, this blanket offers a luxurious feel while being gentle on the environment. Enjoy the natural softness that only high-quality cotton can provide.

Superior Quality and Durability: Our organic cotton ensures long-lasting durability, maintaining a plush texture and color after every wash.

Box Stitching at Handles: The box stitches make carrying, storing, or draping blankets over furniture convenient.

Effortless Storage: The blanket folds up flat and slim, allowing for hassle-free storage in tight spaces. It’s the perfect companion for cozying up at home and packing for travel.

1 Organic Waffle Blanket

Our Salt Earth, it's been our conscious endeavor to prioritize sustainability and abide by our code of ethics. Our factories hold ISO, Sedex, and SA8000 certifications, while our materials are OEKO-TEX, GOTS, BCI, and GRS certified. We partner with family-owned farms, factories, and organizations that resonate with our ethos.We are shaping a sustainable and responsible future, offering exceptional products.

Washing: Wash your organic waffle throw blanket in cold water with like colors using a gentle cycle. Avoid using bleach. Wash the bed blanket separately from clothes to prevent snagging. Keep them away from items with buttons or zippers.For an even softer feel, skip the fabric softener.

Drying: After washing your blanket, give them a good shake to help soften any crinkles. Then, hang them on the line in the shade to dry, preferably on a breezy day for best results. If you opt for tumble drying, use a cool setting instead.

Ironing: While sleeping, creases on your blanket will naturally soften and straighten due to body warmth. However, if you prefer to iron it, turn the blanket inside out and use a warm iron setting.

Storage: Ensure your Waffle Blanket is thoroughly dried before folding and storing to prevent mold growth, as nobody wants that. Avoid storing them in plastic, as your sheets also need to breathe, just like you do.

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